Content Rules

Comedy Drop is intended for audiences over the age of 13 who enjoy comedic content and desire to support comedians and their work. To that end we do not condone the draconian censorship policies of other platforms which increasingly try to silence the subject matters or content comedians can create. We are 100% committed to freedom of comedic expression and have extremely few rules, spelled out plainly below. 


1. This platform is for Comedians Only. The Comedy Creator must make an attempt at being funny, even if it fails. Much like a standup comedian might try and make a religious, social, or philosophical point while on stage, but then continue telling jokes, comedy creators here are allowed to do the same. However, if an account is not one owned by a comedian, comic, or someone attempting to make jokes or be funny but instead is owned by a political organization, a terrorist group, or some other group seeking to use this platform to spread messages instead of comedy, that account will be banned and all content removed.  (i.e. ISIS would be welcome to make an account and tell jokes here, but not welcome to spread religious, political, or hateful messages. We recognize this is a thin like and will err on the side of the comedian as much as possible)


2. No calls to violent action of any kind. While comedy creators are free to discuss political and social issues or satirize them as much as they desire, any calls to violent action or content that could easily be perceived this way, will be removed. (i.e. Holding an effigy of a political figures head high in the air, "Swatting", or telling your followers to go cause someone or a group of people physical harm). 

3. No pornography. Adult themes and adult language are welcome here. However, this is not OnlyFans. Content that depicts lewd or x-rated scenes such as graphic sexual intercourse or kinks along with nudity will be removed and we may determine that creator is not a good fit for this platform. 


4. Common decency. There are obvious things that are not allowed which we will "censor" or delete including scenes of real human death or murder (video game, cartoon, and movie/tv fake death is ok), graphic content depicting children, obvious scammers, stolen copyrighted content. 


Other than these four things, which we believe most every comedy creator in the world can agree are acceptable guardrails, anything goes here. If you have questions about a joke or sketch or comic you intended to upload and want to ensure it doesn't violate these light rules, please contact us and ask and we will respond asap.