How to Get Started

Welcome to Comedy Drop comedians and artists! It's time to take back your ability to reach 100% of your audience while making more money. No algorithms, no ads, no censorship. Just a solid platform built for comedy creators to help them grow and flourish. Here's how to get started making money with Comedy Drop. 


1. Signup for your free account. This process is pretty fast, but don't start adding content just yet. 


2. As soon as you signup, go change your URL to make sure it fits your brand / page URL on social websites. 


3. Then upload your profile photo or logo, add a banner, and write a little bit about yourself. 


4. You may see a note at the top of your "My Account" page saying that we need to verify your account before you can be eligible for paid subscribers. Click this link to fill out your verification form and send in your government issued I.D. This process is designed to ensure that comedy creators using our platform are who they claim to be to avoid fraudsters taking money using other people's content. This information stays private and is only viewed by staff or contractors working on behalf of Comedy Drop. If you are concerned about this process please contact us or have your management contact us.


5. Once you have submitted verification we will review your information and send you an email message to you once approved. 


6. After getting approved (Should take 24-48 hours for USA / Canada residents) go back to your My Account page and look for "Setup Membership Fee" on the right-hand side of the page to setup how much you want your fans to pay for a monthly subscription, how much you will allow for a tip to unlock a single post, how much you want to charge for DM conversations and how long they should lost, and what payout method you prefer. For example you could charge $20 / month for a subscription but $2 to view a single post. We do not offer annual plans at the moment. Paypal payouts are recommended at the moment.


7. That's it! You are now set to start earning money with Comedy Drop. Read below for some ideas on how to market your new Comedy Drop.  



How to Market Your Comedy Drop to Grow Your Subscribers: 

1. If you're a comic artist one idea would be to post your full comic on Instagram, Facebook, X/Twitter, Reddit, or other places. Then in the comments tell your fans they can view secret panels or alternate endings as a subscriber to your Comedy Drop profile. 


2. If you're a standup comedian one idea would be to tell your fans on social media or even at clubs to follow you on Comedy Drop. Then make paid subscriber-only posts where you test new jokes and get feedback from your fans, like your own personal open mic.  


3. If you're a meme lord or meme creator one idea would be to make alternate versions of your memes that are viewable by paid subscribers only on your Comedy Drop. Then comment about this on your social media posts where other versions of your memes are getting popular. 


4. If you use adult language or taboo topics you likely are frequently censoring or editing your content for various platforms in order to get more reach through those algorithms or to avoid getting banned / content deleted. Use Comedy Drop as a place to share these more adult jokes, memes, or sketches that might get taken down or suppressed on other platforms. Use that to tell your biggest fans to come support you on Comedy Drop to see this premium content. 


5. Since you can lock posts behind a subscriber gate here on Comedy Drop, you could use this as a way to communicate merchandise, sales, specials, or ticket presales for your biggest fans. Giving them more than content, but exclusive and authentic experiences. 


6. Embed premium content on your own website. Embed the content on your homepage or on blog posts or pages dedicated to the topic or special or collection of works. This will allow you to control your marketing from your own website and helps you generate new fan subscriptions. Perfect for self-produced comedy specials, full-length premium podcasts, comic stories with a large number of panels, and other types of premium comedy content you want to generate revenue for you. Your fans will love that they can pay one flat-rate fee and see all of your content. 


7. Upload custom locked content images for each piece of premium comedy content to help convince users to decide to tip you or pay you for that content. Think of these similar to thumbnails on video hosting websites, helping entice your fans to make that purchase to see the premium content you've created.



How to Make Money With Comedy Drop

Comedy Drop currently offers 3 revenue streams to help comedy creators generate cashflow; Subscriptions, Tips, and Donations


1. Subscriptions - Straightforward, standard subscription package. Like other creator revenue platforms all you have to do is upload premium content and your subscribers will get that premium content if they pay a small montly fee.


2. Tips - When enabled, this allows non-subscribers to see premium content for a 1-time fee. For example if you made a hilarious comic with an extra panel and you set the tip value to be slightly less than the monthly subscription this may entice some of your followers to pay for the tip. It might even help convert followers into monthly subscribers providing both a revenue stream and a bridge to longer-term revenue.


3. Paid DM Conversations - When enabled in your Membership Fee settings, this allows you to charge fans for short-term duration DM conversations. Inside of your account you set the minimum cost (lowest possible is 1 dollar) and maximum amount of time the conversation will be open (minimum is 1 day). If a fan wants to chat with you or slide into your DMs they pay the DM fee and can have a conversation with you for the duration, once the time limit is up the conversation closes and they are asked to pay another fee to re-open it.


4. Donations - When enabled this allows your fans and followers to send a one-time donation to you without having to subscribe or use thet tip function. The tips go directly to you the creator via a payment processing system like Paypal or Venmo making them a great option to offer to your fans.


More revenue streams are being developed by our team right now. Our goal is to give comedy creators the most valuable revenue generating platform on the market to help them earn more revenue and eat less cheap ramen.