Versions since launch: 6
Revenue streams for creators: 5
Marketing tools for creators: 12
Managmenet tools for fans / users: 4



v1.6 - May 22nd, 2024

- Added infinite scroll for creator feeds
- Added bottom of feed description
- Added personalized video revenue stream for creators
- Added Post Manager to creator admin
- Added Subscriber-Only Collections for creators
- Added Simple Content Scheduler
- Homepage upgraded: Main homepage now shows latest content for users to explore
- Homepage upgraded: Toggle switch allows users to swap between main homepage and Creator's homepage
- Leaderboards upgraded: Added ability to sort by revenue earned, actual revenue is redcated and replaced with "X's"
- Added My Favorite Creator feature for user profiles
- UI Upgrade: Icons for creating event posts and collections added to Post Creator
- Added Marketing Request form for creators to admin
- Bug fix: Fixed an error that crashed the server in some cases when posts were made
- Other bug fixes
- Other UI fixes


Note: This update was released in 3 parts and was completed on the above date. User's may have noticed changes prior to this date.


v1.5 - April 5th, 2024
- Added paid DM inbox for creators
- Added Collections post type


v1.4 - March 29th, 2024
- Added Event post type
- Added instant email notifications for users
- Added option to opt for 1 weekly email notification for users
- Added option to opt out of all email notifications for users
- Upgraded admin capabilities


v1.3 - September 22nd, 2023
- Added number of laugh reacts to all content
- Added OpenGraph tagging capability
- Added SEO meta tag capability for verified creators
- Added ability to request verification via account settings
- Added bell notification functionality
- Added version 1 of Leaderboards


v1.2 - September 9th, 2023
- Improved embedding
- Improved embedding via oEmbed


v1.1- August 14th, 2023
- Custom lock image for subscriber only content
- Adjustments to site language and reactions
- Embeddable posts
- Backend admin changes


v1.0 - August 7th, 2023
- Basic profile functionality
- Basic posting functionality
- Free posting capability
- Subscriber only posting capability
- Donation button option
- Payment processing functionality
- Direct messaging functionality